About us

Our Mission

We live in a highly dynamic technology environment. Our clients experience this in many different ways. The markets for their products are changing. New business models are emerging that could be exceptional opportunities for their organizations, or existential threats. Our mission, as a company, is to help our clients chart and navigate these stormy waters to ensure their survival and success. Successful clients enhance our own success.

Our Focus

We focus on clients who are driven by technology. This includes organizations that offer technology-based product or services, or those where technology represents an integral part of their operations. In all cases, their future success is driven, at least in part, by understanding how changes in technology are likely to have an impact on their organizations.

What we do

Our clients engage us to provide them with the insight and advice on how to succeed in a rapidly changing world. In doing so, we draw on our experience of more than three decades in entrepreneurship, innovation, product development, marketing, market research and analysis, competitive intelligence, technology foresight and strategic advisory services.

Who we are

Technology Strategies International Inc. was founded by Christie Christelis in 1997. He is an engineer with an MBA who worked in the aerospace sector for a number of years before co-founding a startup focused on that sector. The company became a leader in the supply of aircraft health monitoring equipment and crash recorders, and was subsequently sold to Saab.

Christie led one of the offshoots from the company and established a technology market research division in 1988, based on the insight that there was a need for people who had deep technical knowledge coupled with a business background to understand the dynamics of technology-driven markets. He has worked in this area for the past three decades, providing services to large and small organizations, ranging from global technology leaders, to startups, to governments.

We work extensively with partners, and draw on a network of exceptionally experienced and talented consultants that span the globe. This allows us to ensure that we have exactly the right experience on the team for any engagement. It also keeps us lean, which is reflected in our cost structure.

Things that
we are
good at

Technology Market Research and Foresight...

...in all of its guises, spanning a vast number of technology areas, from biotech, to payments, to cryptography ...and understanding the impact of these technologies on consumers, organizations, markets, economies and society.

Strategic Advisory Services

...helping companies develop inspired business and innovation strategies.

Payments Market Data

We know a lot about payments in Canada, and globally. We have been tracking developments in payments for three decades. We have an unparalleled database on payments markets and we do extensive research in the domain.

Payments Training

...providing professionals with the skills and training needed to innovate and implement effective business-oriented solutions in the rapidly changing payments environment.